Apologies to all if I’m misusing the website but I want to get this request out to as many people as possible, from Daryol Laws:

On Sunday 26th July I’m setting off on another long distance ride, this time it’s London to Edinburgh and back again. Organised by Audax UK this is their 4 yearly answer to the famous Paris-Brest-Paris but a bit longer at 1401km (or 870+ miles in old money).  Max time allowed is 120 hours but I’m setting myself a target of 90 hours.  Even if I don’t achieve this time finishing this event will be hard going so I’d like to put my stupidity/foolhardiness/suffering to some use that will hopefully last longer than the saddle sores and I’m asking people to sponsor me on behalf of Help 4 Heroes.  This is a great charity set up very recently to help with looking after wounded servicemen and women.
I’ve set up a Justgiving page, use the link Daryol’s Mad or just look for “lelh4h” on the JustGiving website.
Thank you all in advance, Daryol
P.S. please feel free to pass on this request and the JustGiving details to everyone or anyone you may think would wish to support this fantastic charity, I will also be charging 50p per chuckle for those who wish to laugh at my John Wayne-like walking style after the event is over 🙂