Road Racing is massed-start cycle racing on roads or circuits (criterium races).  The first rider over the finish line wins, with anything from a few to many competitors, depending on the event. These range from short Youth and Juvenile (under16) races of 50km or less, through club level events for adults of between 40km and 100km, to Elite-level one day races of 200km or more.

Tactics play a huge part in deciding the outcome of road races. Largely this is because, in the relative comfort of the bunch, wind resistance is reduced to a minimum and riders can conserve energy.  If you want to win, however, you have to poke your nose in front at some stage; the trick is in judging when. If you would like to find our more about racing why not contact British Cycling Race Smart.


The 2019 Circuit Race Series comprises of 4 circuit races. These events are open to members and non-members of the club for Youth A/B, 4th Cat and 2/3 Cat riders.

Race Dates: Tuesday 21st May, Tuesday 4th June, Tuesday 18th June & Tuesday 2nd July.

Race Location: Henstridge Airfield, The Marsh, Henstridge, Templecombe, Somerset BA8 0TN

Race Times:

Youth A/B Rides depart 18:30 – 20 mins plus 1 lap

4th Cat Riders depart 19:10 – 30 mins plus 3 laps

2/3rd Cat Riders depart 19:55 – 45 mins plus 3 laps

The 2019 Summer Road Race Series comprises of 2 road races. These events are open to members and non-members of the club for 4th Cat and 2/3 Cat riders.

The John Holman Memorial Race will be held on Sunday 18th August, please see our calendar for further information.