The inaugural GDW Winter League kicks-off in the week commencing 11th December and is aimed at all club members.

What better way to have a lot of fun, maybe try out something new and keep us entertained over the darkest winter days and nights, whether you’re a cyclist, triathlete or just looking for a challenge.

The rules are simple, every other week (mostly – there is a Christmas bonus) you will have a challenge to complete. All competitors will get 5 points for completing any event plus the Top 8 will get some bonus points. Results for any given week must be sent to by 9pm of that week for consolidation and issuing of that week’s results.

Times and distances must be taken using your indoor cycling app (eg Zwift) for indoor cycling or smart watch in “race mode” (i.e. continuous time for all efforts) for other activities. More rules in GDW winter league rules and scoring

This is just a bit of fun to keep us motivated in the off season.

1 11-Dec 23 How fast can you bike I? (16km timed cycle)
2 18-Dec-23 Bonus festive 5km (5km timed run/walk)
3 24-Dec 23 GDW Festive 500 (over 8 days) (Move 500km during Christmas week 8 days)
4 08-Jan 24 How fast can you bike II? (40km timed cycle)
5 22-Jan 24 How fast can you paddle? (400m timed swim)
6 05-Feb 24 How high can you go? (Most metres climbed in a week)
7 19-Feb 24 Doubling the doddle (10km timed run/walk)
8 04-Mar 24 How far can you go? (Most distance travelled in a week)
9 18-Mar 24 Big points finale (Points for each of: 400m timed swim, 40km timed cycle, 5km timed run)