Hill Climbs are simply races against the clock. Riders set off, usually at one minute intervals, from a standing start at the bottom of the hill and just have to get up it as fast as possible! Courses vary from short and extremely steep to longer sustained drags.


The 2022 Hill Climb Championship will be based on the double ascent of Bulbarrow on Saturday 10th September. This event is open to members and non-members of the club, men, women and youths, all ages and abilities.

In addition to the individual competition, there will also be a team competition (maximum 3 riders, best 2 times to count on each ascent, only riders who have completed the Woolland climb will have their Stoke Wake time count).

Entry Fees: £8.00 per person for GDW members, £10.00 per person for non-members.

Please Note: all riders MUST wear helmets, have working front and rear lights, and obey the Highway Code.

Dates and planned courses are set out below. Please note that due to road conditions the courses can be subject to change at late notice. Please check the Events section or social media feeds for up-to-date information.

HQ for the different courses are:

Bulbarrow Courses: The car park at the top of Bulbarrow.

Mere Down Course: Salisbury Street Car Park, Mere BA12 6HF.

Date Course
Saturday 10/09/2022 (10:30 am & 11:00 am) Bulbarrow Climbs