Having managed to qualify again for this four-yearly event I’ll be setting off, via car and Eurotunnel not like some hardy souls who cycle all the way, for the start at the French National Velodrome in Guyancourt, Paris on Sunday 16 August.

For those who may not have heard of PBP, it is the oldest cycle race/ride still running, having first started in 1891. Although professionals are now banned the idea is still to cycle from Paris to Brest and back within a given time limit, in my case I’ve gone for the full value event and chosen the 90hr ride.  There are others who will try to better 84hr and 80hr limits and then there are the, predominantly French/Italian/German, semi-pros who will rush around, without sleep but with a lot of outside back-up and aim to finish in the shortest allowable time which is about 44hr!!  Just in case you were wondering the clock doesn’t stop when you are off the bike, either eating or sleeping or going through the 14 control points along the route, so maintaining a sustainable pace is what it is all about, oh and a healthy dose of sleep deprivation as well.
In case anyone is bored next week and wishes to see where I’ve been then use this link http://suivi.paris-brest-paris.org/J265.html and enter my number J265. I may even occasionally ‘Tweet’ from @ja88a if you’re interested and if I can get a decent signal and phone charge.
Will be back to watch the fast guys charge around the Henstridge Race Course on 23rd.
Cheers, Daryol