There is a full field of 60 riders for the above event with 9 reserves.  Thank you for all those that said they would help with marshalling/refreshments/sign on etc.

I’ve started to allocate the marshals to positions on the course, I will produce individual plans for each point so you know where to stand etc. All marshals will need a high viz jacket/vest and I will supply red flags. Any queries/question send me a message/email

So far we have the following:

Refreshments – Mary Emerson-Reed

Sign on – Emily Courtney & Pete Humphreys

Finish Judges – Pete Humphreys, Mike Smith, Jenny Hywell-Davies & Don Tanner (bring Ipads/tablets with coaches eye software and good mk1 eyeball)

Lead Car 1 – Daryol Laws
Lead Car 2 – Roger Limerick

Marshal Points 1 & 6 – Pam & Mike Donovan
Marshal Point 2 – Don Tanner & Keith Edgar
Marshal Point 3 – James Chant & Rox Conlon
Marshal Point 4 – Matt HD & Lynn Broom
Marshal Point 5 – Si Barfoot & Chris Mullet +1

Details of the course and marshalling positions on this Google map:

and Reserves
Race Organiser