For those interested in cycle touring or just some nice scenery I’ve posted some pics from my 10 day 700 mile trip across France this summer on the Pictures page ‘Caen to Montpellier 2014’ .  A mix of shots that try to capture the feel of this typical solo lightweight cycle-camping trip.  

Great scenery, loads of wildlife including a wild boar plus 3 piglets/boarlets?! that jumped out of a field right in front of me!  The last three days of the trip had some 7000m of climbing and were through the scenic high parts of the Auvergne, going over Puy Mary at 1588m (Vinnakurov famously crashed out over the barrier on the descent from this Col in 2012) and then down through the Lot and Cevenne before dropping out of the mountains in the pan flat Camargue delta to see the flamingos.  The Auvegne and Cevenne are great cycling country.

No mechanicals or other issues and great weather throughout.  Only real issue was a microwave sized boulder that nearly took me out as it fell 100’s of feet from the summit of Puy Mary and crashed down on the road about 50m away!