21 riders battled against an Easterly headwind and the steep gradients of Mere Hollow at last night’s final hillclimb event of the season.  

Kim Little set the quickest time.  Again.  He also won the series overall.  Again.  He was pushed close last night by visiting rider Glyndwr Griffiths of Bristol South CC, who was just one second slower than Kim.  James Hywel-Davies was third and quickest junior, from George Smith and Adam Baker.
Nearly everyone was slower than usual, except for Pete Humphreys who managed his quickest time of the year on this hill and Josh Howden made a big improvement over his debut effort from the previous week.
Full results and final points tables are here
Elsewhere, John Phillips and Chris Mullett headed over to Wales for a 10 mile time trial on the quick R10/17 course, near Abergavenny.  John was one of the first riders to start and had a headwind out, tailwind return leg, by the time Chris took to the course one and a half hours later, the wind had turned around completely and he had the opposite conditions.  However, both did well, with John setting a new 10 mile pb time of 26.23 (82nd overall).  Chris wasn’t far away from his pb time, finishing on 24.14 in 64th.