Lynn and Jim Broom and Liam Teesdale travelled over to the recent Brighton Bog Dog mountain bike endurance race, here’s a report from Lynn – 

On Saturday 15th August Jim Broom, Lynn Broom (Team Broom) and Liam Teesdale set off for the Brighton Big Dog – a 6hr MTB endurance race.  Team Broom took the easier option of the mixed pairs relay whereas Liam rode constantly for the full 6 hrs. 

The laps were 5.4 miles long and very hilly and were composed of grass tracks, gravel, single track and lots of roots and overall there were approximately 500 riders. 

Heavy rain in the days preceding the race meant the going early on was a bit slippery and Lynn crashed twice on her warm up ride.  Luckily the sheer number of riders quickly helped dry the ground and it rode much better later on. 

Jim was ‘leaned’ on by an out of control rider down a steep hill causing him to crash.  Between them, Team Broom completed 6 laps (4 by Jim) and they finished 17th out of 22 mixed pairs. 
Liam completed 9 laps but only 8 counted because his 9th lap finished slightly after the 6 hr cut off.  He finished 15th out of 47 in the solo male class.