Six Wheelers took part in the fourth round of the WTTA Hardriders time trial series on Sunday.  They were competing on the challenging Maiden Bradley-Frome-MB-Mere-Deverills-and back to Maiden Bradley 24 miles course.

Conditions were mixed, the early starters missed the hail and rain which the second half of the field had to put up with, but all had to battle against a strong cross wind over Mere Down and a block headwind over the last section of the route.  
The GDW riders were all at the bottom of the results table unfortunately, the standard of the WTTA championship gets stronger every year.  James Chant was the fastest of the six but was four minutes off of his pb time in 37th with 1.10.34.  Chris Mullett and Grahame Reed both finished in course best times of 1.11.23 and 1.12.54 (39th and 40th).  James Foster got round in 1.13.51, Iain Messider was 48th in 1.20.15 and Srah Wheeler was 50th in 1.21.43.
At the front of the field, it was a rare defeat for Rob Pears of Bath CC as he came second to VC Walcot’s Tavis Walker (57.23).
It’s only March but Stuart Kerton has already bagged an award at the club prize night as he got under the hour at the Royal Dean Forest 25 mile Open at Usk.  Due to the strong winds on Sunday not as many riders got under the hour as would be expected on this course, but Stuart did really well for a finishing time of 58.38 for an impressive 13th place overall.