The next round of the ZWIFT WTRL racing league starts on 23 January and runs for 6 weeks. GDW have entered both a GDW B team (with Vince as team captain) and a C Team (with Dave Barlow as team captain).

Each team has to have a min of 4 and a max of 6 riders for each event and Vince and Dave will co-ordinate getting enough riders in each of the 2 classes. We can register a max of 12 riders. If you are a C rider you can race in B but not vice versa, so it could be that one of the C riders may be asked to race B if they’re short.

There are 6 events in this series and this includes 2 Team Time Trials as detailed on the schedule.

The registration information is not on the Zwift events schedule, so the secret link will be sent out a few days before each race (when WTRL send it out to us) and will also include the discord channel link.

If you are interested let either Dave , Vince or Mike Smith know and we will get you registered with WTRL and add you to the appropriate WhatsApp group(s)

Any questions/queries let us know?