The Festive 500 proved to be little problem for many Wheelers, whilst those with younger families may have had different priorities.

A total of 7 members (of those that I had access to their Strava feeds) got the full 15 points. The first to finish was James Little (5pm on 29th, so he decided to do an extra 60k before the bells rang, of course), Michael Sleeman was the purest 500 – all outdoors (even in that weather); 3 more riders (Adrian, Edd and Mike Sm) have been included in the series for the first time to celebrate their 500’s, Clare Coward chose a mixture of indoors and outdoors and help from the white group to get over the line, whilst Vince Hounsome even managed to get some swimming into his total.

Angie Barlow managed to do her total over 13 activities, only to be trumped late on by Mark Harvey’s 14 (and the only person to have his 5k run to also be counted in the Festive 500). Rob Gale continues to do all his activities in-real-life, even throwing in some MTB.

The big winner of the week is Michael Sleeman – moving up 4 places to 3rd, narrowly headed by Vince in 2nd and James back to 1st in the Open category. In the Women’s series, Clare’s 15 points has cemented her place at the top with Angie having caught the COVID impacted Sarah Wheeler. The biggest losers are Rich White and Innes Wright, both dropping 3 places. They are surrounded by fast cyclists, but not so much of a problem for Rich.

Take a break this week. We start again in week commencing 8 January with a 40k TT – I am certainly looking forward to that.

More detail can be found in GDW Winter Series. If you didn’t get the chance to enter a performance this week, it is not too late for the season. There are still 6 more events and lots of points available until mid-March. It will be interesting to see how the Wheelers’ fitness progresses over the series.

See the current up to date results here