Winter Riding – not that we’ve had too bad a winter yet (and last year’s incessant rain hasn’t haven’t arrived either) the last 2 Sat morning club rides at 9.00 and 9.30 have had a number of riders fall foul of the icy rides in the local area. Get well soon David Hayter

There have been various pieces of excellent information and tools posted on FaceBook.  If its less than 5c Jerome Young suggests avoid the back roads that are often more prone to frost or don’t go out at all.…/fea…/12090-roadccs-tips-riding-ice-and-snow…/dashboard…

Please also ensure that you emergency contact details on ALL rides, to assist the emergency services and the notification of next of kin. This could be your club membership card or an ID Tag as suggested by James Little

The Club runs page on the GDW web site has details and safety information whilst out on club rides or riding on your own.