It is proposed that the 2020 Time Trial Series will commence on Wednesday 15h July and there will be 9 events. The first event will be on the Gillingham 10 mile course with the first rider starting at 7.00 pm. Sign on will be at 6.30 pm at the Bubl Shop car park.

Please note that it is now compulsory to have a working rear light in all TT events. No light, no start!

Please see the Time Trial section of the club website and also social media pages for details of the courses for the following weeks and the entry fees.

All events will now be individual events (ie no 2 Up event) and the non-aero event will be a normal event.

Placings in the series will be based on a rider’s best 7 results, and there is no minimum number of events to qualify for a placing.

Only paid up members of Gillingham Wheelers will qualify for the various Club Time Trial Awards.

It will not be possible to become a member on the day of an event – you must have joined beforehand, and only results whilst a member will qualify.

Covid-19 Impact

Given the situation with regard to the Coronavirus pandemic, events will be held in line with the current guidance from HM Government and Cycling Time Trials. Competitors will need to comply with the social distancing guidelines at all times.

Competitors must not attend if they are awaiting a Covid test result, feel ill in ANY way or if family members have any symptoms.

All warm-ups should be done on the road. Static warm-ups are prohibited.

Riders MUST NOT gather in any way regardless of current guidelines in the car park, HQ area or elsewhere.

No support can be provided if a competitor suffers mechanical difficulties. It is strongly advised that all competitors carry with them a spare inner-tube/tubular, pump and tyre levers if required.

It is strongly advised that all competitors carry a mobile phone and take with them the telephone number of the event organiser.


There will be an area for competitors to sign in with a box of disinfected pens, a box for used pens, a sign on sheet, a container for entry fees, a box of disinfected numbers and a tub to place returned numbers in.

Entry fees may be paid electronically (using a banking app) or by payment of the exact entry fee on sign on for the event – no change will be given.


There will be no pusher off and all competitors will have to start with one foot on the ground. Those waiting to start must comply with the social distancing guidelines.


Competitors on finishing MUST NOT stop at the finish and MUST NOT loiter at the HQ/car park. You MUST pack away and leave immediately upon completion of the race.

Results will be published online after the event.

Please telephone the organiser (Vince Hounsome – 07751 460108) if you have failed to finish the event.