The Committee have agreed we can restart the Saturday Club rides on Saturday 11th July, but riders must comply with the following:

Maximum Group Size: 4 riders

Groups will set out a few minutes apart.

Social Distancing: The Government guidelines remain a 2 metre distance or 1 metre plus protective equipment. Therefore, riding two abreast is discouraged, and riders should aim to leave a bike length between themselves and the rider in front.

Initially, 2 routes will be published, a longer one aimed at the quicker riders and a shorter route aimed at those less quick or who want a shorter ride.

It is essential you download the route to your GPS device due to the small group sizes.

If you have any signs of Covid-19, are awaiting a test result, or feel unwell generally, you must not attend.

Finally, please respect other road users, and the community in general, some of whom still feel very vulnerable in these difficult times.

We look forward to see you soon!