It was a horrible evening but 24 riders turned out anyway, with some more new faces and several junior riders which was good to see.  Although it was very wet, the wind direction was much more favourable compared to last week so almost everyone was significantly faster.  The biggest improvements came from Antony Wilkinson and 2012 TT champ Simon Barfoot, who’s getting back up to speed.

The overall winner was visiting junior rider Jake Coward who is a member of the Rapha Condor Cycling Club.  Jake won with a time of 24.17.  Next up was Vince Hounsome followed by another junior, Neil Mackinnon in third.

There were lots of helpers again tonight, thanks to all who came out in the cold and rain.

Full results here

PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE FINISH AREA!  The only car in the finish area should be the timekeepers’.  They need a clear view of the oncoming riders as they approach to help them identify riders and get the times right.  Parking beyond the timekeepers creates a traffic/rider head-on situation so please find somewhere else to park or wait.