34 riders turned out on a sunny and warm evening for the opening club time trial of the season, with several new faces amongst them.  The great weather conditions helped quite a few riders manage some course best times, which is always an encouraging way to start a new season.  Charles Rees (Raleigh RT) led the way, powering his way round in 22.30, the best tiem Charles has managed on this course.  2010 Champion, Julian Chown was next up with 23.17, just ahead of junior rider Ashley Martin (Chippenham Wheelers).  
Of the new riders present, Pete Humphreys and Sam Wells did well with 27.52 and 28.25 respectively, while Jay and Alex Hookins recorded 25.12 and 26.00 thereby reversing the finishing order between them from Monday’s hillclimb.
Jane Pritchard did really well to set a new women’s course record of 26.44, despite her and James Chant getting badly held up at around the five mile mark.  Jenny Lucas got round in just under the half hour with 29.55 while Julie Hillyer finished with 34.47.
As mentioend above, fastest junior was Ashley Martin ahead of Josh Day (26.30).  Ollie Feltham was the recent winner of the juniors’ championship in the GDW mountain bike series and put in a good ride in his first time trial with a time of 27.30 while Tom Brown was fourth with 27.48.

Full results are here

As there were a few new riders out on Wednesday, the organisers and timekeepers would like to point out a few CTT rules to them and remind some of the regular riders also –

There should be no riders performing u-turns in
sight of start or finish areas
Please keep well in from the road whilst waiting to
start, riders on the startline need to have a clear view behind so they can
judge whether it’s safe to pull away
NO drafting!

Please shout your number to the timekeepers at the
finish, this helps the timekeepers, especially when several riders are finishing
in close proximity.  It means the timekeepers know who you are and therefore
riders can be given an accurate time.  If the timekeepers don’t know you then
you run the risk of not getting a time

The only people at the finish area should be the
timekeepers and anyone assisting them.  There is absolutely no reason for any
competitors to be there once they have finished their rides.  As mentioned
before, the timekeepers are concentrating on doing a job. 
Officially, riders who stop in the finish areas of tts or try
to speak to the timekeepers get disqualified from the results.  Obviously, this
is not something we want to start having to do so once you have crossed the
finish line, please continue to the HQ areas. 
Riders should not be distracting the timekeepers
handing in numbers or trying to get their times.  If you need to get away
quickly after the event then please pass your number on to another rider at the
HQ who can hand it in to the timekeepers for you.  Any issues with regards to
timings can be sorted once the timekeepers have returned to the HQ, not at the
finish line.