There was a really good turn out of 15 pairs and one solo rider for the final tt of the season, the 10 mile 2 up on the Stour Provost course.  There were some fast times, the wind direction helping the riders for the first two thirds of the course.  Junior riders Ashley Martin and Jack Plummer (Chippenham Wheelers/Somerset RC) flew round in 21.34, to win by nearly a minute from Paul Hopkins and Andy Parsons.  Third went to Kim Little and Julian Chown with Jay and Alex Hookins in fourth.  A bit of ‘friendly’ rivalry between father and son Dave and Barney Cox saw Dave team up with Mark Geddes to beat Barney and Josh Day by just two seconds while the tandem duo of Vic and Richard Hansford did well for 31.03, despite a brief mechanical problem on Kit Hill.

The overall times were
Ashley Martin/Jack Plummer  21.34
Paul Hopkins/Andy Parsons   22.26
Kim Little/Julian Chown          23.02
Jay/Alex Hookins                   23.41
Nigel Brown/Simon Hurd         24.06
Dave Cox/Mark Geddes          25.22
Josh Day/Barney Cox             25.24
Mitch Pope/Jerry Cooper        25.32
Don Tanner/Graham Reed       27.16
Pete Humphries/Mike Donovan  27.39
Colin Dennis/Troy Woolacott    27.53
Rob Martin/Erin Martin            28.17
Vic/Richard Hansford              31.03
John/Maria Phillips                 32.16
Chris Mullett/Ebby Easby        32.36

There were handicap/target times for the riders to beat as well, with Nigel Brown and Simon Hurd knocking the most off, ahead of Erin and Rob Martin in second and Ebby Easby and Chris Mullett in third.

Nigel Brown/Simon Hurd       – 4.19
Rob/Erin Martin                   – 3.44
Ebby Easby/Chris Mullett     – 3.24
John/Maria Phillips               – 3.14
Paul Hopkins/Andy Parsons  – 3.02
Vic/Richard Hansford             -1.57
Barney Cox/Josh Day           – 1.47
Jack Plummer/Ashley Martin  – 1.46
Don Tanner/Grahame Reed    – 1.36
Kim Little/Julain Chown         – 0.51
Jay/Alex Hookins                  – 0.31
Mitch Pope/Jerry Cooper        – .028
Mark Geddes/Dave Cox         – 0.27
Pete Humphries/Mike Donovan – 0.26
Troy Woolacott/Colin Dennis    -0.07
Mike Smith took some footage on Kit Hill, which you can see here