The South Region Championships (open to GDW members as we are in the South BC region) are on the 22nd May at Test Valley Community School, Roman Road, Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 6HA and being organised by Andover Wheelers.

Full Details are on the BC web site here, the web site shows the closing date as the 30 April but the Organiser has informed me that he will be accepting entries right up till a week before the event at the very least. So anyone thinking of going you haven’t missed the cut off date

Just to confirm that the
support event, incorporating the Women and Junior Championships, will
only include other riders (that aren’t Women & Juniors) who are 3rd
Cat over 40 years of age and 4th Cats. All other 3rd Cat riders who are
under 40 will be entered into the main E,1,2,3 race (Sorry!!)

distance 7 Laps for E,1,2,3 and 4 Laps for W,J,3(C+),4.

Course details here