The rest of the Wheelers tts will be held on the Todber course due to the roadworks in Bourton.  Should these finish ahead of schedule then we could revert back to either the Wyke or Bruton courses but for now these two courses will seemingly be out of action.

A couple of the more long-standing members have mentioned that the last tt of the season used to be a 2-up time trial with the pairs decided on a names-out-of-a-hat basis.  Let me know what you think about this and if enough people would like to do this then we will.

I have put a few photos from my Tour de France trip that I did with Chris Mullett and Giles Belbin onto the ‘Pictures’ page of this website.  Giles is the person who wrote the Dorset Magazine article about the Wheelers a couple of seasons ago.  He now writes race reports and interviews for the Daily Peloton website and has posted an account of our trip to France on it called ‘Chasing the Tour de France Peloton’ Parts 1 and 2.  You can read it by visiting the Daily Peloton site.  If you want.