In the 5th round of the Odd Down Winter Series Maddie Howden competed in the Ladies 2/3/4 race against a strong field of 11 riders who lined up on the start line.  Soon after the start the race split with 6 riders going clear with Maddie settling down in the second group of 4 chasing riders.  Maddie worked hard to try and close the gap on the leading 6, who at one point looked like they were going to get caught but when they sensed the danger (judging by the amount of shouting that was going on) soon established a sizable lead again.  Maddy put in a strong sprint but was edged out to finish 3rd in her group of 4, finishing 9th overall. Some pics and results below.  No club riders in either the 4th Cat race or the 2/3 Cat race, but the finishes (from the Coaches Eye App) are available on YouTube 4 Cat Finish and 2/3 Cat finish







1.  Jo Tindley
2.  Miriam Whitehurst
3.  Corinne Clark
4.  Ashia Fenwick
5.  Hannah Larbalestier
6.  Lucy Burgess
7.  Sydnie Price
8.  Victoria Ratcliffe
9.  Maddie Howden
10. Tegan Rush
11, Elizabeth Thomson