With the recent rain and logging we had to use another short course for
round four of the mountain bike race series. Although short, it was again a
hard race. On the day it was said to be too tough and wet for some mountain
bikers ( the fair weather riders who have all the top kit they don’t like to
get dirty) as they were nearly outnumbered by triathletes, a much tougher breed.     

Kim Little was again untouchable, pushed in the early laps by Adam Baker
of the Gillingham Wheelers road race team (not a mountain biker) Kim eventually
pulled away to take a well earned victory over Adam.

Andy Parsons held off a fast approaching Scawen Roberts for third and
fourth respecively.

Martin Disney, Neil Hanham and James Allen swapped places throughout the
race to finish fifth, sixth and seventh.

After an early three man crash near the start, Tony Cannings fought his
way up to eighth place in front of James Chant who is still recovering from an
arm injury.

10th , 11th ,12th and 13th
place was a race long battle eventually ending as Roger Prestidge, Jason Gunn,
Steve Procter, and Jim Broom.

Andy Vowell did well to finish in front of Chris Gray for 14th
and 15th.

Ben Hywel-Davies managed to stay ahead of Penelope Procter to win the
junior race. Beth Calloway who was also competing in the junior race had to
pull up early as she was feeling unwell.                 

With only one lady brave enough to take on the course, Lynn Broom was
declared the winner of her class. She crashed hard, injured her elbow but still
managed to complete a lap.

Leo Roberts the only youth, did an excellent job to complete the circuit
twice, even though he is only just big enough to ride a bike with full size
wheels. One to watch for the future and he enjoyed the mud!   

Results here