Happy New Year to you all I hope you all enjoyed your cycling in 2015 and that we can all continue to share our passion in 2016.

To help this along I’ve got together a list of some cycling related books and DVDs that I happened to have, lying around (including some kindly donated by Roger a good few months ago) and decided that letting them gather dust on my bookshelves wasn’t appropriate and that they may inspire others or just give enjoyment in their reading.  
A Few Guidelines:
As Club Members everyone is entitled to borrow from the library, there are no set times for return or overdue fees either but keeping something for months and months will get a few sharp hasteners from me. Also as I’d like as many people as possible to enjoy these items so let’s try and be as gentle as possible with them.  Most are paperbacks but they are in almost as new condition so the better they are looked after the longer they will last.  There are some double copies available and these have been marked on the list.  Should anyone wish to donate other copies or new books them let me know so that I can add them to the library.
Currently all the books/DVDs on the list are in my possession and I can deliver as requested, no charge as it’ll probably get me out on my bike more! (However that doesn’t mean asking me to get a book out to you on holiday!)  Books can then either be returned to me or if someone is waiting for it then please arrange directly for delivery.
So follow this link to the inaugural opening of the GDW Cycling Library

Upcoming:  Once I’ve finished reading them the following books will be added

                        The World of Cycling According to G – Geraint Thomas
                        Domestique  – Charly Wegelius
                        The Racer  – David Millar

A direct link has now been added on the Navigation Sidebar as well.