The Monday Mash chain gang returns this week, meeting in Gillingham at 6pm for 2 laps of an 18 mile loop with relatively fast and flat roads and no notable hills. Meet at 6pm at Wheels car park, Station Road – we will depart at 6:05 sharp so make sure you are there! Weather is forecast to be dry and warm, after a few showers in the day. The average speed will likely be 21mph+ / 34kph+, so bare in mind this is a fast paced ride.

Not sure you can keep up? The route is never far away from the start point in Gillingham and doesn’t feature any real hills, so why not come along and see how long you can last! When you have had enough simply pull off and ride back, you can even cut the route short and then join on again as the others pass by. These rides are about sustaining a nice fast pace working as a group, there should be no massive efforts needed, its more about maintaining a constant intensity.

Route below, 2 laps with a chance for a breather in the middle as we pass back through Gillingham:

Monday Mash – Gillingham 18 miles x2


These are fast paced rides and you will be expected to maintain a solid level of effort and ride at speed in close proximity to other riders – working as a team. The format will be explained on the night and instruction given if needed. Please do not surge off the front or sprint up hills!!! Come through smoothly to the front and maintain the effort and pace set by the group. We will put slightly more pressure on the pedals up hills to maintain speed but please keep this moderate and make sure you are taking the group with you. Try to stay seated on the climbs if you can to avoid kicking your bike back into others who will be close behind. The ride should be a constant steady effort with no big spikes in power needed at any time. Please close any gaps in the line immediately, stay in the draft of the rider in front at all times and communicate with other riders.

Unlike the normal club rides these are not “no-drop” rides, but the aim is still not to drop people if possible. If you are struggling to maintain the pace please make it known to the group before you drop off so that they know not to hold back for you.

We have a WhatsApp group for those interested in attending to discuss availability etc, if you wish to join it please comment on the Facebook post or contact Edd Hunt.