Port Regis will provide an exciting new venue for the 2015 triathlon calendar. This Sprint
Triathlon, 5th July, is being organised to raise money for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust
Each year the school carefully selects a charity to support and this year they chose the RMCCTF.
“Every day we learn about our armed forces being deployed and casualties being reported. It
would be all too easy to become complacent about the sacrifice these men and their families are
making for us” explained Mr Dunhill Headmaster of Port Regis.
The school is set in the beautiful grounds of Motcombe Park and is one of the most prestigious
prep schools in the country.
“We are fortunate to have the most fantastic facilities in a beautiful safe setting. It lends itself
perfectly to this type of event” said event organiser and school Bursar Nicola Miller. “Our hope is
to raise significant funds for the RMCTF whilst having fun and providing the opportunity for
everyone to take part in the ever growing world of triathlon.”
The adult event is perfect for those wishing to take part in their first triathlon whilst also offering
excellent competition for the more experienced triathlete. It’s an opportunity to perfect technique
and speed up transitions. The 400m indoor swim is followed by a slightly more testing 20km bike
route along the quiet country lanes. It provides a fast and slightly hilly ‘out and back’ course, going
through beautiful countryside around Gillingham and Mere. The run is a 5K loop and is off­road
through the wonderful grounds of Motcombe Park.
After the adult race the children’s events begin. They offer a fantastic entry level that is a fun and
safe opportunity for beginners to take part in their first multi sports event.
There will be four Tri Star events, also chip timed, for the different age groups:
Tri Star (8years): 50m swim ­ 800 m bike ­ 600 run
Tri Star 1 (9­10): 100m swim ­ 1500m bike ­ 1000run
Tri Star (11­12years): 150m swim ­ 2800 bike ­ 1200 run
Tri Star (13­14years): 200m swim ­ 4200m bike ­1000m run
Tri Star (15­16years): 300m swim ­ 4200 bike ­ 1000 run
The swim in this mini version is in the beginner­friendly four lane pool with only three children per
lane. Children will also swim in waves with others of similar ability, to make the event less
intimidating. The cycle and run phases take place within the grounds so the children will not cycle
or run on the roads. There will also be plenty of marshals on hand to help with the transition area
and to keep the children safe. The finish is close to the lap point to make it easy for spectators to
cheer competitors home to an awaiting medal and goody bag.
To finish off the day there is a barbecue and competitors, family and friends are warmly welcomed
to bring a post­race picnic to enjoy in the grounds.
This is a BTA registered event, non­members shall be given a license for the day.
For further details and to enter please go to www.portregis.co.uk