Just a few final words on Saturday’s Open time trial.

Firstly, I have received a remarkable number of complimentary messages about the running of the event with regards to both the organisation at the hall and out on the course.  I’m sure that everyone who gave up their time will be very pleased and proud that their efforts have been appreciated by so many of the competitors.
Congratulations to all the prize winners, it was very close at the head of the field with Rob Pears just pipping Dave Kiddell by 10 seconds to prevent Dave from completing a hattrick of wins at this event.

With regards to Paul’s and Julian’s exclusion from the event results, I would like to commend them both on the mature and dignified way in which they have accepted the decision and for their genuine apologies which have been circulated round.  I’m sure it must have been as hard for them to accept as it was for me to apply the rule.  Their exclusion, due to their clothing on the day, obviously gave them no competitive advantage.  I hope that they can both take some satisfaction from the excellent times that they both recorded.  I also hope, as they do, that there will be no lingering ill-feeling over this issue in the future as that would be a great shame in a close-knit club such as ours.

With regards to protests and complaints, there is a 24 hour period in which to bring issues to an organiser’s attention but I feel it would be a lot better in the future if anyone has something to report to do it quickly and before prizes are awarded and results sent out.

So, moving forward, this weekend sees Round Three of the Hardriders series, this time run by the Severn RC.  Sarah Roberts, Simon Rouse and Don Tanner are all down for that, while Vince Hounsome kicks his season off at the Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers hilly 25 mile tt.  There is road racing at Thruxton on Sunday which can be entered on the day (see BC website for details) while on Saturday afternoon CC Weymouth are holding a club 10 at Warmwell.  This can also be entered on the day, and, yes, you can wear whatever you like…