As last year there will be a Sunday club run to the following destinations over the winter. These dates avoid the Offcamber and GDW MTB events which I know a few club members participate in.
There will be a short and long route to each destination (apart from the reliability ride) with the aim of arriving at 10.45 ish for coffee/cake. The short route pace will be approx 13-15 mph and the longer route approx 17-19 mph.
I’ve used the destinations that we went to last year, however open to suggestions for different venues
23 Oct – Mells cafe
27 Nov – Blandford  – Forum Cafe 
18 Dec – Yeovil (Triuk cafe)
29 Jan – GDW reliability route – 57 miles
12 Feb – Cranmore (East Somerset railway cafe)
The short routes will be 35-40 miles and the longer route 50-60.  All rides depart from Wheels at 9am