The AGM was held on Thursday 27th Feb at North District Rugby Club, Gillingham. Minutes below:

Roberts, Jenny Lucas, Sarah Wheeler, James Chant, Jim Broom, John Phillips,
Roger Limerick, Jerome Young, Pete Humphreys, Charles Rees, James Foster, Chris
Mullet, Vince Hounsome, Mike Donovan, Vic Hansford, Don Tanner, Daryol Laws,
Mike Smith

Apologies:- Julian Day, Mark Geddes, Keith
Edgar, Matt Hywel-Davies, James Hywel-Davies, Grahame Reed 

Chairman’s Report
welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologised to everyone for not being
around as much as he’d have liked in the previous year.  He thanked the
committee for their contributions during the year and also thanked Vince for
organising the MTB events and to Mark for the Henstridge sessions which has
seen the club membership grow significantly.  The club constitution document
to be voted on this evening will allow the club to become a Go Ride club and
have British Cycling resources available to promote and further grow the club.

Report – 
Roberts presented the GDW accounts and stated that the club was in a healthy position
and had a balance of £1025.35 of which £375 was the Henstridge monies.  
She stated that the Sundial money had finally been spent on the purchase of GDW
Academy bikes.  There were no queries with the accounts and they were
unanimously agreed.

Fees :- 
same fees as last year were proposed and unanimously agreed.  It was also
agreed to change the retired membership to be OAP.

TT Fees
The same
fees as last year with a £1 discount for those wearing club kit were
unanimously agreed.

Report :- 
Rees reported that Wheels were happy with club relationship, and discounts for
club members were in the sponsor annex of the club constitution

Constitution :- 
explained the background to the constitution and its 3 annexes, stating this
was a pre-requisite to the club achieving Go Ride status.  It was
unanimously approved subject to any query regarding a serious issue or clause,
received before the 24th March as several members stated they had not had
visibility of it.

of Club Officials for 2014/15 :- 
Following John Phillips standing down from
Publicity the following were proposed and unanimously agreed. The Chairman
thanked John for his sterling efforts in promoting the Club in the local press,
which was backed up by a round of applause from all present.

– Daryol Laws

– Sarah Roberts

Secretary – Mike Smith

Secretary – James Chant

– Don Tanner

Secretary – Pete Humphreys

Members – Mark Geddes, Jenny Lucas, James Foster. Mike Donovan.


Open TT –
James C stated that he had 52 entries for the club Open time trial and was
looking for helpers to marshal and run the refreshments

circuit race – James C/Mike stated that the club were in the process of trying
to run a road race at the purpose built Odd Down circuit at Bath and a sub
committee had met to arrange this.  This sub committee will be presenting
to the main committee their proposals for approval at the next meeting.
 This event is part of the Club’s expansion plans, ultimately resulting in
a local, Club run, Open road race.

Club BBQ
– it was suggested that a barbecue should be arranged at Henstridge on one of
the training/coaching evenings during the summer months

Trips – Don stated that a cycling trip should be arranged for club members
similar to the recent Tenerife trip that several members had just returned
from.  It was also suggested that the club should look to organise a
Velodrome trip with a proposed date in October (at the end of the TT series)

Local Charity event – Finally Jim Broom mentioned a
Wiltshire Air Ambulance charity breakfast being held in the Village Hall in
Kingston Deverill on 16 March between 9:30 and 12:30. A number of club members
said that they would support this during a Sunday ride, details to follow on
Club website.