The 2nd Frome Cobble Wobble took place yesterday, and what a brilliant event it was, well organised and with fantastic support from the large crowds who lined the narrow street.  164 riders of all ages and on all types of bikes took to the harsh cobbles of St Catherine’s Hill, some competing hard in an attempt to win one of the Charge fixed-wheel bikes, while some were not taking things so seriously – witness the nuns, the Pope, the jousting knight and even Big Bird from Sesame Street.  All the riders tackled the hill in during the afternoon with the fastest 20 qualifying for the King Of the Cobbles evening shoot out for the main prizes.  Our hillclimb specialist Kim Little set the fastest time in the afternoon with a blistering ride of 23.2 seconds.  He then matched that in the evening run, unfortunately Chris Akrigg (Mongoose Cycles) managed a climb of 21 seconds to take first prize.  Kim was still the winner of one of the lovely Charge machines, as you can see below.

Other GDW riders also did well, James Chant finished in 32 seconds (38th), Mike Smith won the over 50s category in 33 seconds (53rd overall), Josh Day was 57th overall and fifth placed in the 14-18 age group (34 seconds) with Will Edwards 104th (40 seconds). 
There were several riders who occasionally compete at our events – Robbie Edgell (Somer Valley CC) was as fast as always, taking third in the afternoon and fifth in the KOC shoot out with climbs of 24 seconds, Barry Holley (VC Walcot) was 9th on his fixed wheel bike and Stuart Kerton (Chippenham Wheelers) was 29th in 30 seconds.  Jonathan York (Frome) was 79th (36 seconds) while his clubmate Mike Brooks was an unfortunate crash victim – his front wheel buckled on the cobbles and he hit the deck hard, but still finished on foot, carrying his bike.

Hopefully there will be some more photos to add in the next few days, there are plenty to look at here