The decision has been made not to run outdoor rides this Saturday, with the high winds there is a lot of debris on the roads and still fairly strong winds and rain forecast in the morning.

Instead there will be a Zwift meet up ride taking place at 9am. We will do one of the longer routes on Zwift as it will be a good way to help people achieve a new exploration badge, with some company to keep you amused (you do not need to complete the whole route if you want a shorter ride, stay as long as you like). The “rubber band” will be active, meaning that everyone will stay together regardless of differences in power etc. Voice chat will be available on the main GDW channel on the discord app.

I will invite all GDW members that I am friends with on Zwift, if you are not invited and would like to come please add me on Zwift – search for “Edd Hunt (GDW_B)” – and I will send you an invite.