• The fine weather attracted a large turnout for this good Friday classic event on the 2 mile Castle Combe race circuit.  Relatively flat the only hazards were the 2 chicanes and the sheer number of riders

  • Charles Rees in the showcase E/1/2 event with strong teams from Quoroz and Willer put in a good performance and is beginning to show good road race from – a group of 8 riders got away only to be closed down with several laps to go.  Charles finished comfortably in the bunch, finishing about 37th (he claimed 20th).  Video of Charles inc the finish here





  • Chris Mullet competed in the 4th Cat race and was unfortunate to have a number of riders crash in front of him and got held up in the aftermath thereby losing touch with the bunch

  • Mike Smith and Pete Humpreys raced in the 3rd Cat event that had over 160 entered, there were a number of breaks off the front but they were always pulled back.  Pete kept a steady position in the bunch for most of the race just behind the leading riders, whereas Mike was doing a yoyo ride up and down the bunch.  On the final run in Pete was well placed but had to slam the anchors on to avoid colliding with the riders in front.  Mike had a good run in and thinks he finished in the top 20.  Some footage of the 3rd cat event from Mike’s bike cam on the video page here