A warm and dry evening but with a nagging northerly wind set the scene forround 8 of this summer’s championship. A field of 15 made their way to the start.

Christina Wiejak (24:56) knocked a further 4 seconds off the course record on her way to being the fastest rider on a road bike. Shawn Gray was fastest overall on the evening (23:25) ahead of Rich White (23:54) and Sam Thompson (24:17). Mark Harvey was the fastest member on a road bike. There continue to be a number of close battles throughout the field, this week’s tighest being Innes Wright beating vince Hounsome by a single second.

Next Wednesday sees our annual Try-a-TT event hels on the 6.5 mile Milton on Stour course. This event is free to enter for anyone who hasn’t ridden a time trial before, or is returning after several years off. No special equipment is needed (no need for pointy hats and fancy bikes), just a road worthy bike – be it a road bike, a mountain bike, a recumbent or even a Brompton or BMX! However a suitable helmet must be worn and working front and rear lights fitted to the bike and turned on. Our regular TTers are welcome to come along, but please bring a friend (or three)!

Sign on is at the Bubl Shop on Mere Road at 6.30 pm and the first rider will start at 7.00 pm.

Results and Times