Mark Geddes, Will Edwards, Charles
Rees, Andy Parsons and Paul Hopkins headed down to Moreton for the
penultimate round of the summer handicap series. A sunny evening
greeted the riders for what turned out to be an intense evening of
racing. Will Edwards hung on to the early hot pace with the
intermediate group only to be dropped with three laps to go after the
Elite group caught the bunch. Charles Rees and Mark Geddes started in
the group between Will and Paul Hopkins and were quick to set to pace
dragging the group up to the bunch after four laps. With 7 laps to
go, Paul Hopkins came through from the elite group on a breakaway
with CC Waymouth and Scott UK riders who were quickly joined by
Charles. Having stayed away for a lap and not opening a reasonable
gap they decided to drop back into the bunch. On the final lap three
riders jumped away and contested the win. Charles went solo with 400
metres to go and opened a large gap only to be jumped by Paul Hopkins
and one other rider on the line.

Paul Hopkins 4th, Charles
Rees 6th.