The TVCRA 4 Up Team Trial Challenge takes place in 2 weeks tine at Merryfield Airfield, Ilton at 7.15 pm on Thurs 25th June.

Enter on line here



Youths – 2 Up TT and 3 laps

Seniors – 4 Up (max)  and 6 laps


List of prizes as follows:

Fastest Team – outright (Youth and Senior)

Fastest Team with a Junior (U18)

Fastest Team – with a lady rider

Fastest Team – greatest combine age



£12 per Senior team which goes into the award fund!  

£6 per Youth team which goes into the award fund



TT bike are allowed


Start Times

As soon after 7.15 pm as we can  

I’m sure we can get a fair few GDW teams in this year.
Mike Smith