Happy New Year to all GDW riders and family, here’s hoping its a good one both in cycling and without.

As primarily a TT Club I thought I would put up a target challenge for one and all for 2011.  Many of the older (!) riders and some others may know of the very prestigious event that is the Mersey Roads TT; a 24hr event, which I believe is to be held on the weekend of 23-24 July this year. This surely has to rank as one of the top TT goals but often the distance just to get there puts people off, but fear not Wheelers for Sussex is coming to the rescue with its own 24hr TT on the weekend of 25-25 June. Sussex 24hr.
So anyone up for a bit of pain and to see how far they can go in 24hrs??
As I’m aspiring to complete Paris-Brest-Paris again this year I’m very seriously considering the Sussex 24 as a good training ride so although I won’t be hitting the dizzy heights of TT-mileage, I will be travelling over there (work and better half permitting) so if you fancy a go and don’t want to try it alone, contact me and we’ll start planning.