Gillingham Wheelers invite you to the annual Try-a-Time-Trial – a fantastic opportunity for you to have a go at time trialling in a low pressure, easy-going environment – non-members are more than welcome and encouraged! The beauty of time trialling is its simplicity, its just you, your bike and the stopwatch – there are no other riders near you to worry about and you are only competing with yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are fast or not so fast – set yourself a time and maybe come back again another week and try and beat it!

This event is free to enter for anyone who hasn’t ridden a time trial before, or is returning after several years off. You don’t need any special equipment (no need for pointy hats and fancy bikes), just a road worthy bike – be it a road bike, a mountain bike, a recumbent or even a Brompton or BMX! You must however wear a suitable helmet and have working front and rear lights fitted to the bike and turned on.

The event takes place on Wednesday 22nd May, on the Milton on Stour 6.5 mile course (Gillingham).

Event HQ and Sign On is open from 6.30 pm at the Bubl Shop, Mere Road, Gillingham SP8 4EU, with the first rider starting at 7.00 pm. You will be asked to complete a consent form providing your details and then collect your race number. Riders start at one minute intervals in the order of their race number, so if you are number 11 you will start at 7:11 (aim to get to the start line a few minute before this). Once you have completed the course you should return direct to the event HQ and return your number. Times will be published on the GDW website shortly afterwards.

Regular TT Riders: You may still enter the event but there are no points on offer for the 2024 Championship. Why not bring along a friend or partner? You will be allowed to ride with (behind!) them to offer encouragement and support if you don’t want to race yourself.