There were some tractor-related incidents at the Bruton tt tonight.  Don Tanner was lucky to not be more badly hurt when a tractor driver came straight across the course at Kilmington Common without stopping or looking.  Don was left on the deck, thankfully with only bumps and grazes.  At Charlton Musgrove, another farmer decided to block the road to stop some of the competitors as he felt that some riders were riding dangerously.  This may or may not be accurate, but could all riders only overtake a tractor or other slow-moving vehicles if it is safe to do so.

Well done to Josh Day and Jenny Lucas, who both recorded pbs tonight.  Josh won overall again with 46.39 while Jenny got under an hour for the first time on the Bruton course.
Obviously, there were quite a few unrepresentative times tonight but for what they’re worth the results are here
Video from Mike Smith on location at the Bell and Crown here with commentary from Charles Rees, Paul Horan, Brian Miller & Sam