Still and clear blue skies’ Charles
chased attack, and caught as a warm up- in break for first lap, then
caught because the others were all fat and wouldn’t share the work. James, Barf
had a go final lap. not strong enough, but good lead out for Charles who passed
10+ in bunch sprint after picking the right line through the chicane. Will
finished in the bunch ahead of James- promising!!!

-5th/6th Provisional

    Barf, Chant,
Edwards (bunch)

    Mike Smith –
DNS- no shoes/helmet!!!

 Pictures and a small amount of video I took via the Pictures/Videos link  (apologies for the poor quality video – my new HD camera is only uploading at  MPEG1 quality)

Sorry Charles – don’t get your sprint finish

More photos and full results will appear via the results service on the British Cycling Web site