Next week’s tt is on the new Sturminster Newton course which Roger Limerick proposed a few months ago.  The HQ will be at the North Dorset Business Park on the A357, look for the Olives et al shop on the road from Stur to Lydlinch.  There is a course map  on the ‘Gillingham Wheelers Time Trial Courses’ page, the link is at the bottom of the page.

It’s a 7pm start this week, sign in will be closing earlier than normal so that timekeepers etc have enough time to get to the start on time, sign in by 1840 at the latest.
Please allow enough time to get to the start which is at the footpath entrance on Bath Road directly opposite the North Dorset DC Social Services building.  It’s just over a mile from the HQ to the start and there are traffic lights at the town bridge in between.
No warming up on the course, please wait to start on the pavements or in the NDDC entrance, not on the road.  No u-turns after the finish.
Some points to note about the route – 
The road surface at Hindgaston Hollow is very rough, particularly at the entrance to Chippel Lane
The only turn is at Marnhull church, it’s a blind turn and very tight, please slow down enough so you don’t swing out and cross the white line on the exit
For some reason the residents of Marnhull think it’s acceptable to use the Sackmore Lane/Chippel Lane crossroads as a car park.  Any traffic exiting these junctions is probably not going to see a cyclist so take extra caution here
Traffic at Bagber crossroads and Thornhill House crossroads also has limited visibility