For the fourth time this season, Charles Rees set the quickest time at a GDW tt, this time at last night’s very wet non-aero event on the Stour Provost course.  Charles finished in a brilliant time of 22.48, one of the fastest times recorded on the course.  Paul Hopkins was second in 23.22 ahead of Kim Little, Nigel Brown and James Hawkins with a good ride for fifth.

Steve Way set an impressive 26.01 on his fixed wheel bike while Chris Gray set a pb time of 26.31.  Jenny Lucas also set a pb time of 28.58 to set the fastest time of the women riders.
The juniors were right up there again, Neil Mackinnon was sixth overall with 24.54, Barney Cox set a pb time of 25.56 while newcomer James Hywel-Davies finished in a quick time of 27.53.  
There is another of Mike Smith’s excellent on the move videos on YouTube