10 riders including two newcomers in training for a charity
London-Cannes ride in March enjoyed one of the first frost/snow free Saturday’s
for nearly two months.  The group headed
out towards South Cadbury for a 34 mile loop
returning via Wincanton and Buchorn Weston. 
The previous nights rain made for some ‘aqua-batics’ as the peleton
crossed numerous flooded roads in the low lying parts of the Blackmore Vale
south of Wincanton.  The ride was graced
by three appearances of the puncture fairy which Steve ‘Fixie’ Way (Ratae RC)
soon sorted.   On the return leg our
esteemed Club Chairman raced ahead and laid on tea and coffee for all in
Wincanton.  Fortified by the refreshments
the remaining riders returned to Gillingham
via the last serious hill of the day, Hartmoor Hill at Buckhorn Weston.  From there it was an easy descent back down
to Eccliffe and Wheels Cycles.

 Total distance was 34 miles at a steady 12.5 mph average