There have been some marshal and timekeeper reports that some tt competitors are not obeying CTT or Highway Code rules.  Please remember –

Do not cross the central reservation white lines in the road

Don not cross the perceived centre of the road where there are no white lines (for example, West Bourton lane)

Do not pull out of junctions into the way of oncoming traffic if you are going to cause obstruction or force traffic to take avoiding action

Do not overtake on the right-hand side of traffic that is stopped at junctions when you are about to turn left

Any rider reported as breaching these rules will be disqualified from that event.  This is a zero-tolerance issue, Wiltshire Police have in the past received complaints about our tts and we need police permission to hold our events.  Dangerous riding jeopardises this and means that everyone loses out.

At the finish, please shout your number to the timekeepers.

Do not stop to talk to the timekeepers when you have finished, they are trying to concentrate on getting your times recorded accurately.