For those hardy souls wanting to come along and enjoy the tea & cakes at Orchard Park, after of course a little jaunt through the surrounding countryside, you can now look at the route sheet (in PDF format).  This is an Audax style description of the route, detailing all the turns you need to make.  You won’t need Mr Garmin or any of his modern friends, or subscribe to numerous copies of the local Ordnance Survey, this 1 sheet tells all, so no getting lost.

If you feel that riding and reading are not for you then come along anyway and tag along with someone else but no arguments please, this is a fun ride and if you happen to cycle a slightly different route no one is going to complain, or probably even know!!

See you all at 10am, bright eyed and ready to ride.
P.S. I’ll be the one on the big yellow trike, so you’ll know who to blame if I’ve got the directions wrong!