On Sunday 4th July, club member Paddy Dunne will start the Pan Celtic Race 2021, a self-supported, 1,240 mile ultra-endurance cycling adventure, journeying through the Celtic Nations of Cornwall and Wales, and parts of south-west England. The route passes through Gillingham, coming down the B3081 from Hunters Lodge, along Wavering Lane and Bay Road, then Semley eastwards to Wilton.

Paddy is currently expecting to pass through Gillingham sometime between 7.30 am and 10.00 am on Wednesday (7th July), and may make a slight detour via the Wheels of Dorset shop. If anyone is around when they pass through, Paddy and the other competitors will no doubt benefit from some encouragement.

It is possible to track Paddy’s progress and that of the other competitors.

Best of luck Paddy, stay rubber side down with a fair wind in your favour! We await with great interest your reviews of the best bus shelters and public toilets to sleep in!