14 (fool)hardy riders turned out for the latest GDW time trial, held in really heavy rain which only seemed to get worse and worse as the evening went on.   Special thanks to Mary and Dennis, John, Roger, Carole and Vic for still turning up and marshalling just to get soaked while the rest of us went for a ride.  Unfortunately, the course had to be shortened from the usual 10 miles due to traffic lights at Milton Church so the riders were unable to make comparisons between their usual tt bikes and their road bike set ups.  Charles Rees finished over a minute clear of Julian Chown with a time of 20.20 with Simon Barfoot just ahead of Nigel Brown in third and fourth.  Jenny Lucas was the only lady rider to start while James Chant was the fastest (also only) mountain bike rider.
Full results can be viewed on the ‘Current Results’ page.