The recent tree surgery meant a shorter course than normal,
although short, it was a very hard course, almost like a series of hill
repeats, enough to test even the toughest rider.

Our secret plan for this event was for someone to beat Kim
Little, so we had Dave Hayter turn up on an E bike, but even with 250 watts of
extra power, the extreme abuse Dave gave his bike to try and stay in front of Kim,
the bike broke and our plan failed. Dave unfortunately came home last.

Kim spurred on by being overtaken early on in the race, put
in a big effort and lapped the whole field to complete 9 laps.

Another solid ride from Scawen Roberts saw him to a good
second place with Matt Clinkard, suffering with a cold and on a single speed,
still managing to bring it home third.

Andy Parsons finished fourth after starting half a lap down.
He arrived late due to the dozen or so halves he had the previous night.

Roger Prestidge travelled over from Bristol to gain fifth
place.  Julian Callaway back fresh from
his broken shoulder and well on his way to gaining his speed back, rode two
laps with his daughter then set off in pursuit of those in front of him to
finish sixth.

Steve Prockter was next to finish, followed by the first
junior Daisy Davies

Lynn Broom finished first lady followed by Ben Hywel Davis,
nd Junior.

Penelope Prockter was third junior followed by Bethany
Callaway who found the going really tough but still managed to finish.

Ben Day had bike problems and finished in the unlucky
position of thirteenth after running in fifth place on the first two laps.

 Results here