Taunton Vale Cycle Racing

Ilton training starts next week (7th) at the
Merryfield Airfield at 18:30, signing on for 18:15.  The sessions continue
througout the season, usually finishing sometime in September by which time
it is getting too dark and everyone is too tired!   Its £15 for
the year for Seniors, £5 for under 18’s. If you bring you children along they
are free, but they need to complete a form. The biggest change this year will be
the youth training and a lot of thought has gone into planning for 2009.
 These sessions will be starting in May, details to be released. 
Anyone who wishes to attend should complete the application form
and return with a cheque, payable to Taunton Vale
Cycle Racing Association, for the appropriate amount to John.  He will then
issue the necessary passes.  British Cycling membership and a racing
licence are no longer required for the Tuesday evening sessions.
These sessions are a great opportunity in
a friendly, supportive and traffic-free environment, to acquire the skills
and confidence required for participating in road races .  Although the
airfield perimeter track is relatively flat it is also lacking in shelter
from the wind and weather and the sessions are a tough workout.  As the
main intention is to give everyone the opportunity of practicing their bunch
riding skills, it is quite permissible to take a short-cut down the runways to
regain the bunch if you get dropped.  There are normally two groups – one
more eyeballs-out than the other – so you can choose how hard a kicking you
want!  There is a programme of open races on the airfield throughout the
season in addition to the training sessions and an ever popular 4-up team time
trial evening which is usually followed up with a curry at the local
hostelry.  The 4-up is on June 23rd this year.  Last year three
Wheelers took part and with the addition of a “guest” from Yeovil Cycling Club,
managed to come second in the handicap competition.  It would be great to
have a few more people competing this year.
Grants for training
TVCRA have been successful in attracting funding
from Somerset County Council for providing grants for anyone from member clubs
who may wish to become a qualified British Cycling coach.  Each club has
been alloted £500 for this purpose.  Let John know if you are