It’s that time to see who’s the best at climbing with five Hill Climbs in the next few weeks. Wednesday evening is first with the Warminster Hollow hill in Mere. 
Be in Mere Main Car Park (where the Public Loos are) after 6.30pm for a 7pm kick off. The road used is the Deverills road, coming out of Mere. 
Just a safety point. When at the finish, at the top, can riders carry on to the roman road to turn around. The cars are pretty quick up there. Also, on the way down the hill, if you need to get to the start position lay by, can you please go under the a303 bridge to then use the junctions to turn around and then return up to the start. It’s a bit boring but it just makes for a smooth evening without any unnecessary dramas. Like to keep you Folks happy and as safe as possible 💜👍