The Gillingham Wheelers Race takes place in a few weeks on Sun 27th June starting at 10.00 and will do 4 laps of this course If you are able to help let me know as I need someone as a red Flag Marshal and someone to help Karen at sign on
Thanks in advance. Mike Smith

The following is the list of Officials:

Chief Comm: Colin Price
Comm2: Gerry Gray
Finish Line Comm: Pete Humphreys
Finish Line Judge: Olive Holliday
Lead Car 1: John Phillips
Lead Car 2: Don Tanner
Comm Car driver/assistants : Roger Limerick and Henry Harris
Neutral Service: Nigel Brown
Refreshment Engineers: James and Marlene Little
Sign-on: Karen Lewis and ano
First Aid: Collingwood Services
Static First Aider: Geoff Percival
National Escort Group: Martin Warden, Ian Cardy, Pat King plus 2 other riders (Steve Waters mentor and Richard Husher trainee)
Accredited Marshals: Provided by James Randall of BC South Region
Red Flag Marshal: TBC