Coaching session tomorrow with Mark Geddes this will be from 6-7 pm then a light training session 7-8pm.  Club training will be from 6-8 pm with Charles Rees.

Can you all make sure you are there by 5:50 pm for an important safety brief for the evening.  Please do not enter the Airfield from the top of the runway even if you are riding there go to the club house first.  Follow the signs from the main entrance.  Please book in prior to going on the runway and listen to the safety brief.  For any parents bringing there Kids, the club house is available for you if you wish to stop for the duration of the evening, Tea and coffee is available at a cost of 70p per cup you can see some of the sessions from the club house if you wish to.  Lets hope the weather stays good for the second session of the month.
Please ensure that all riders have a Helmet and bike that is road worthy and working brakes.  There will be a helmet and bike check for all riders to ensure bikes and riders are safe at all time through out the sessions.  I hope you all enjoy your training or coaching sessions for tomorrow.